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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8812 instructions

Instructions and Help about Form 8812 instructions

Welcome to 1040 return com the ultimate tax solution and the complete package in filing your tax returns not only do we pryou with the most easy-to-use and powerful software available and filing your tax returns we also have a wealth of tax resources at your fingertips so make sure to come visit us at 1040 return comm today this video will demonstrate how to use our innovative 1040 return comm software to file a 1040a with a dependent so let's get started here we are at 1040 return comp and let's begin an example on how to file a 1040 a with a dependent the program is designed to ask you questions so you don't miss anything okay let's begin by clicking on the start for free button since we don't have any account let's create one by clicking on the here link so for this example I will create a sample account however feel free to fill in your own information instead don't forget to click on the Terms of Service Agreement box below and when you're all set press create account to get started for this example since John is taking care of a child will be using head of household for filing status I'll be using sample information in this case John Smith and a sample social security number and birth date again feel free to fill in your own information instead we'll click on next to proceed on this page we find a continuation of the about you paint so we will enter in the information with sample telephone numbers in case we need to reach you if there are any issues email address is already auto filed and for occupation we'll say that John Smith is a cook then click Next moving on we will click on know for anyone could claim you as a dependent then click Next John was not married in 2022 so we clicked no on this page we enter in John's sample address and we click Next when ready on this page we type in Baltimore for John's School District then click Next in this example we won't do anything with returned election so we'll just hit save and continue so now we have all our initial information filled in let's click on let's get started we'll add on one w-2 so we click on yes the form is just for John so we click his name then click Next since the employee name in the address isn't different we click on no then press next here on the employer information page we'll enter some fictitious information for John's employer Bill restaurant we click on Next to proceed so for Don's wages we'll enter 20 2022 hundred 40 with 2530 for federal income tax withheld 20 2022 and reported for Social Security wages 1453 for Social Security tax withheld 22,000 440 for Medicare wages and tips and 339 for Medicare tax withheld we click on next on.


What are the best legal ways to pay less taxes?
Number one will always be to earn less money. But, you can make your money in a different way. Face it, wages are taxed, and they know how much you earned already.If you earn your own money, you can then deduct your expenses. You can be imaginative on that, but not illegal. I watched a bum pickup used lottery tickets in fron o a store evry day, ---Loser tickets. I thought he was nuts, but it never really bothered me. Then one day a local guy hit a big winner. The bum showed up at his house with a deal. It turns out that gambling winnings are indeed taxable, but you can also deduct provable gambling losses, up to the amount that you won. Now, who can really prove how much they lost gambling this year? Do you have any receipts? ---Didn't think so.But the bum sold all those bad lottery tickets to that big winner for a dime apiece. That way, he could deduct a dollar for every loser ticket from his tax bill for his big winnings for every lottery ticket.You could also run a barber shop. it's a neat thing, barber shops. See, every other business in the country, the tax man can count what goes in the back door against what goes out the front door to check your math on your earnings. For example, if you run a bakery, they can count the materials going in the back door to see how many dinner rolls you should be selling this year. That works for all businesses except a barber. The tax man can't sit there and count heads all day. Just leave the till open, and only deal in cash. Every other businessman, the government counts what goes in the back and out the front.There are other tricks, but I would not do it; you will be caught. I worked at the local tax office her for a few years, and I saw a guy try to pull a really old trick. He didn't pay his property tax and declared his house was a church and he was a preacher. My boss, the county tax collector, took three of us over there to his house and walk around with clipboards and pretend we were going to inventory everything in the house.While we were doing that, she told the guy that if his house was a church, he needed handicapped parking out front and a handicapped ramp. He also needed to have two restrooms (male and female), and both needed handicapped facilities. he also needed adequate parking for the congregation and it needed proper lighting. He also needed to get re-zoned, and he'd need to inform his neighbors about the parking problems, and he'd need proper signage out front. ---And, the neighbors will bitch because that sign will be against the zoning laws in this neighborhood. He would need proper fire and smoke alarms and a certificate from the fire marshal showing he had the right amount of extinguishers in the right locations. "---It's all for public safety, you see." And he was facing some pretty stiff fines since that stuff was not already done. "---It is the law, you know." He paid his taxes.On the way back to the office, the boss said something I already knew from 20 years in the navy, but it is VERY true: If you want to really scare the shit out of someone, just walk past them carrying a clipboard. Don't have to say a word. But if they ask you anything, just say that you 'work for the government.' ---Nothing else. And if they say anything else, just pretend to listen, then write on the clipboard tablet. Rich man, poor man, detective or thief, they will ALL poop in their pants, or just leave you alone.Bottom line, just pay your taxes. You don't want your name on the bathroom wall t the tax office.
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