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Why does it seem so difficult for millennials to be content with life in comparison to generations past?
Millennials who grew up middle class, and that includes my kids, are faced with a world of problems that were largely unknown to their GenX and Boomer parents.The cost of higher education has skyrocketed in relation to income, which means that when I went to school, a person could pay off state tuition primarily with summer jobs; I was graduated from a private university without a penny of debt, which was affordable to many parents at the time. Most of these kids will still be paying off college debt when theyu2019re approaching 40.The cost of housing has skyrocketed in relation to income. That means that while many people of my generation expected that they would one day be able to buy a house, my kids expect that they will never be able to own property. Many of these kids are moving to secondary and tertiary markets in the hopes of being able to pay rent adequately, even though the jobs in those markets may not be as plentiful.The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed in relation to income. This means that millennials, without the ACA, are less likely to be insured and are more likely to face penury if they are unfortunate enough to get sick or in an accident, which can be a constant source of stress.Wages, in relation to a market basket of goods, are stagnant, and many people are unable to find full time work and as a result cobble together a living out of several part time jobs, which means that the donu2019t get the health insurance. See above.I imagine that many millennials would be as content as their parents, for different values of content, but they canu2019t afford it.
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