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What was your last 5-month schedule before the NEET 2022 exam?
A2AIt was 26th December 2022 I gave my ACT3 Allen Common Test secured someALL INDIA RANK UNDER 20 and that was when it all began my downfall. I hadreached the point from wheron my frontiers limited my climb I entered intothat euphoria of overconfidence and since there was apparently nothing elseleft to ace there was only one way of moving forwards…to fall backI remember going into academic depression in the week that followed…and slidmore in the next 2 weeks. A string of bad performances ensured to smash myconfidence completely. I knew things…I knew concepts…yet their were fewpeculiar things I were forgetting every now and then. And thats when Ifinally blessfully stumbled upon the concept of making short notes.I spent my entire remaining January and February in making them and trust methat was one of the best things I ever did The task was enormous andexhausting. I need to mention here that without the help of my two otherfriends I would never be able to complete this gigantic task in such a shortspan.With March rang the board examination bells. So I revised all my NCERTs thatmonth and made sure to solve at least one test paper a day so I do not loosetouch with MCQs…not to mention the 7 day break I took preparing for Mathsboard examination.April marked the utility of all those notes I made in the early part of theyear. That month was like a reel…playing all that I learnt in the past twoyears at the back of my head. I solved innumerable questions over a 50 testpapers and reviewed all my previous papers. In the last week of the month Ireread biology NCERT for in no way I wanted to end up doing a questionpicked up from some silly stupid line of NCERT done wrong.May not only heated up the environment but my insides too. But I knew this onething I had come this far and for nothing on this Earth was I gonna succumbthen. I formulated this insensible theory of mine and each morning I saidthis to myself• I am on the final yet steepest part of the acclivity I know I am tired butif I give up now all those movies I didnt watch marriages I missedfeelings I berefted those nightins I pulled up and most important…thesacrifices my parents did all of it will boil down do nothing. And I cantlet that happen I wont let that happen.Thats pretty it.PSTo all the future aspirants do not care about the results please dont. Butgiving up is definitely a bad idea…totally uncool. And I think we all want tobe cool dont we XDThanks to edits suggested by Shathragna.K .
Will the next 5 months be sufficient for a GATE 2022 aspirant to get intoIITs? If so, what should be his/her daily schedule?
Yes that would be fine…Yeah GATE is a great exam to get into IITs and other premier institutionsStudents try GATE for various reasons To learn subjects much deeper To getawesome placements To repent mistakes done in BTech To get into PSUs May beanother chance to change your life It has lot of potential I thought thesame But sad part is I didn’t know many things while preparing for GATE Ididn’t know how to prepare for GATE I am pretty sure that I would have donemuch better if I knew those things I am sharing here That’s why I am sharingthis…What is the basic requirement to clear gate It is nothing but the will powercommitment and strong determination to crack gate. In fact I knew that. But Ididn’t how to apply it in daily life Principle remained just as principleand I remained just as me So what it is all aboutFOCUSSo first step of clearing GATE is nothing but to set our mind focused forGate preparation. I would like to explain it little bit It would be extremelyhelpful for lazy people like meAs humans we might be dealing with several things Our college studiesfriends family job etc• When we do all those things we might not getenough time and attention for our gate preparation The first step is to havean organized lifeI would like to take your attention to a student who is very much concernedabout her marks She considers herself as a bright student who gets 95 inall subjects When she reaches home her brother calls earnestly for playingwith him Being a good sister how can she deny humble request of her onlybrother who is just started schooling So she went to play with him Aftereach 5 minutes someone is calling her from her mind “Didn’t you wanna getgood marks Why aren’t you studying” She replied “Yeah I love that morethan playing with my bro But this is just for half an hour…”. Time passedafter half an hour that voice called again and she dropped him to her motherand started her daily chores and then studyingI said this to say a simple truth in everyone’s life It is nothing but our“layers of interest” which defines our mindset As this girl who puts hermarks in her mind we can put something in our mind deep downlayer so thatwe will be thinking that each and every second This often happens when examscomewhen we are in lovewhen we lose somebody special etc.. In other wordsif we consider something really important it will come deep down in ourheart and from then on whatever we do everything is done on top of thatYou might be thinking “GATE” should be in our deepest level But NO I wantyou to keep this statement in your deepest interest bottom layer What youshould love most is nothing but “Time is precious use it wisely”. Sowhenever you do something it should be done in top of this i.e whenever youdo something you should keep in your mind this statement and of course themeaning too and everything should be done without forgetting thisThere is an interesting phenomenon in our mind If we think and love somethingwithout considering anything else then that thing will go deep in ourmindset replacing already existing thing For eg if you have “Time isprecious” as your deepest layer then if you watch film without thinking thisthen film be going down and eventually you will not be caring about time towatch films So be careful about that Whenever we do something it must bedone on top of this layerWhat should be kept on top of “Time is precious…” That is up to you Youshould keep things which are really important such as family or moral valuesor something which must be taken care of All the remaining things should bedone one top of that without forgetting it so keep something that is reallyimportant to you Some people do have some bad habit keeping many unwantedthings in this layer such as “I can’t do that” “I am not good enough” “Idon’t look good” etc.. For some people they obsessed with some kind ofpleasure such as fun friends games sexual pleasure etc.. They won’t doanything good in your gate preparation Gate preparation shouldn’t be done ontop of these thingsAfter that you shouldn’t keep anything on top of this layer permanently Justdo what you’re supposed to do Say you brush your teeth and then have yourbreakfast and then do something else Just don’t give importance to all thosethings Do it by thinking that “Time is precious…” and after it is donedon’t think over it again and waste time to do other things In other wordshave an idea of what all things to be done While doing that think on basisof these base layers which defines our mindset and then think it only whenyou’re doing itHere the key thing is to maintain base layers as it is That is mostimportant as well as challenging task Often we are tempted to love thingswhich are of least importance So I would suggest you to keep 10 minutes inthe morning as well as in the evening to plan things and stick to the plan Inother words take some time to fix our mindset interest layers in thebeginning of the day and evaluate yourself whether you did well or not Maybeyou can evaluate yourself in the middle of the day or some time in between Tofix the mindset try some motivating videos focus on the reason for studyinggate think positively about benefits of living systematic life plan what todo how much time to spend on these things etc• And evaluate them makeappropriate changes in your life to go according to plan In this context youmust give ample time for GATE studies. Please remember that morning is reallygood time for studies You can even try for 34 hours in the morning4am8am. So plan accordinglyGATEYou might be well versed with why GATE is for It is quite important to knowhow GATE questions are asked If we miss this we might end up even in gettingdisqualified in GATE For BTech knowing topics and subpoints are more thanenough to pass If we can write 5 nonrepeating sentences in each of themdistinction is guaranteedGATE isn’t such an exam It actually tests how deep your knowledge is Do youreally understand what each topic means That is what GATE cares about Inother words it doesn’t care for how much we can write about itAs you might know GATE exam has 65 questions 30 onemark questions and 35twomark questions out of which onemark question has 13 and twomarkquestion has 23 negative mark when our answer goes wrongSo let us start studyingOur study must be focused on “understand better” And there is time limittoo So the first question is how to study There are wide range of optionsText books notes videos coaching etc• I would say Start with videolectures Advantage of video lecture is that we won’t get distracted soonAnd we can complete more portion in less time If we go on with text booksthe portion we cover in a particular time will be quite less We can get stuckin between and that will be the end So I would suggest you to go withvideo lecturesI would suggest you for NPTEL IIT Professors• classes are just in fingertipsBut let me tell you it may seem boring because of monotonous talk or lowvideo quality or lengthy explanation but if you’re looking for content itis worth watching If you can daily spend 7 hours for learning you cancomplete your portion within 3 months If you can’t spend that much time thenyou should try other gate lectures such as Ravindrababu Techtrud otherlectures etc…Next thing is read the standard text book after each subject’s lecturesSince you already knew those concepts you can complete the book quite easilyand it will help to recollect learn and be familiar with the topics After learning each topic in the textbook do some problems given in the textbooks It will help you to understand the topic Ask this question “How it will be when this is implemented” Or “what all are different cases of it” and other similar questions and try to find answers for them. It will help you to understand the subject deeply Interconnect what you study Topics you study might be interconnected In most cases different papers have different interconnections In case of computer science data structure and algorithm analysis are related papers and there are many topics which is common. So when we study try to connect this concept with what we studied earlier Same thing happens when we take Operating System and Computer Architecture here common topics are less. When we try to connect with each other we will go deeper and we will remember what we studied earlierNOTE TAKINGIt is one of the most important thing in Gate preparation Here we’re dealingwith core papers in BTech which we studied in different years Now we’restudying it altogether and writing all of them in a single day If we don’ttake care of this need we’ll be feeling “Oh my God I knew it” in the examhall So we must learn to keep all the things we studied in our memory totake it out in a single dayNOTES are the key for it Main advantage of note is that we need to look backall what we learnt to bring back what we learned before Just look the noteThat’s it So how to write notes What all things should be consideredNotes are something which should remind all thing we learned So write notesin such a way that a lay man can understand what we wrote there We must alsobear in mind that it is note not textbook Make use of graphs picturesdiagrams bullet points headings sub headings etc• Many people suggest totake note in hard paper instead of digital version to remember well So dothatI would suggest you to take note in this manner Make temporary notes while you go through each video lecture After watching video lectures you will be having overall picture of the subject Read what you’ve wrote Read your text book While reading your text book you will be getting some more points there So note down all those points too Do problems. Then you might be figuring out your own ways equations etc• Write down everything what you wanna remember later Think about interconnections and different cases of each topic. Note down your insightsAfter writing all these in your rough temporary note make a new note bycompiling all this information I hope you’ll be having a good note with youWrite it in good manner so that you don’t hesitate to look it againREVISIONThis is second part of note making Since we are dealing with lot of subjectsit must be revised in frequent intervals After completing each subject Iwould suggest you to read your notes and recollect all what you have learnt inregular intervals In the beginning you may need to revise in each weekLater you can manage with longer period It is advised to revise before yousleep So try itComplete your subject within 3 months by following this pattern Probably byOctober And then it is time for PROBLEMS In your normal college it isn’tso I know that But that is not the case here So keep that in your mind Assomeone said practice makes perfectCollect previous year question papers In fact it is all available ininternet sites like gateoverflow with solutions Try to solve them If youcan’t check for the solution and don’t forget to note it down in your fairnote It is better to keep some space for this kind of additional notes Ifyou’re done with previous year question papers check out for questions papersmade by gate coaching centers such as MadeEasy ACE etc• You can get plenty ofthemSpend last month in mock tests and revision Mock tests can help you lot toprepare for the exam To be familiar with the computer system over there tomanage time to be sharper and focusedWhen you go for exam hall it isn’t advised to learn something new unless itis very important Revise and be confident Remind that this is just an examnot giving your life there So be cool and confident Write wellSo I’m just listing out what I’ve said so far Keep your mind focused by laying out “Time management” as your deepest interest Plan for your Gate preparation on how much time to spend each day and on what time it should be done Evaluate your studies each day and rectify your mistakes Have a wider plan to complete each subject and finally the whole theory part While studying go for video lectures and then textbooks Think through it and solve problems Write temporary notes while you’re studying and write final note by compiling all what you’ve noted down in a wholistic perspective with your insights Revise in regular intervals Complete theory at least by October Do problems till the end of December Revise try mock tests and prepare yourself for the exam in final monthWrite you exam confidentlyAll the best God bless
Can I crack the NEET 2022 within 7 months with a serious study schedule of 5hours daily?
We still have 10 months to prepare for NEET …but sorry to say this Is that bsccourse is forced by your parents or you took that to not waste a year ..If its bcoz of your parents pressure just tell them“ONE CANNOT SAIL ON 2 BOATS “yeah there are some people who managed both butstill …My friend told me this”those who dont have faith in getting a seatwill take another course and prepare for NEETSo I know u already joined but Im just saying the consequences …If u havetrue determination you can crack it in 1 month also5hrs a day means its more than enough for a person who is going to a college..Never count how much time you have studied count how productively you usedthat 5 hrs“FOCUS ON BEING PRODUCTIVE INSTEAD BUSY”SO I conclude that you can definitely crack by using all that 5 hrs a daywiselyALL THE BESTSorry for my bad English..Im still a learner
Is it possible to prepare for the SBI PO exam in 5 months if you have to startpreparation from scratch though some concepts are clear? If yes, what is aschedule and strategy for the SBI PO exam coming in 2018?
I left my job at the end of January2017. Before the 31st day of January I hadno preparation for banking exams whatsoever. After that I spent more than 2weeks to decide that I was gonna study for banking seriously and I startedright away.My friends helped me decide on the books to read and rest of the coaching wasdone through YoutubeI took up the most sought after book RS Aggarwal Verbal and Non VerbalReasoning. I started following the Study Smart channel in Youtube for thequants part. Initially I was not paying much attention to English preparationI was almost fine there at least I thought so but later started solvingpractice sets from another RS Aggarwal book for English.The syllabus is not huge and can be completed with two months of optimumlabor and that’s what I did but I was not studying round the clock I gaveout tuition to school students simultaneously.This year the SBI Prelims exam was on 29th April and so was my time limitThe real preparation started when I was introduced to Testbook. I stopped allkinds of studies 1 week before the exam date and only gave mock tests. Notmany but I gave only 9–10 mocks. I didn’t score too goodobviously but thetests helped me a lotI started preparing for Mains CA Banking awareness part only after thePrelims results were announced never do that. Same strategy here too somestudy and more mock testsI don’t want to advise you any thing regarding preparation strategy thesemethods worked for me may not work for you But hang in there the PO feat isachievableGood luck
Which are some of the most interesting Slack bots?
Plenty of good answers on this one And close to exhaustive in some cases .Slack is pretty much a standard integration for the awesomest of appsavailable and I’ve previously answered a similar question right here andanother here and here because Slack is just a really useful efficient placefor most teams to centralize their communication • no long email chains noendless searching for that thing that guy said that one time • when teams wantto get things done where they’re already at they use Slack.Interesting bots for Slack pop up all the time when Slack isn’t built for thetask at hand like it can’t handle task management and recruitment all thatwell out of the box • naturally purposebuilt apps step in to get the jobdone without sacrificing productivity.My absolute favorites Right here 1. Trello Need to know about new cards completed tasks comments attachments and all the rest Trello’s got your back right from Slack. 2. Breezy HR A lightweight recruiting tool that helps you organize your recruiting process visually ahem a little like Trello does with your task management Breezy has a tight integration with Slack that means you’ll stay uptodate on new candidates positions and other hiringrelated activity without having to leave your favorite message app .3. The best apps. Better together Zapier If your favorite app doesn’tnatively connect to Slack Then my friend you need Zapier which connectsthousands of apps to each other in just about every way imaginable of courseBreezy HR has a stable full of Zapierconnected apps as well • 4. Gsuite If your team uses Docs Sheets andor Slides this is just plain amusthave. Legible previews of documents etc right inside Slack Yes please.5. Speaking of legible previews • Mixmax is another lightweight app that doesit all this one for email. Schedule sequences send later trackopensreadsclicks send your available times etc. For Slack I can postlinks to any email I send or receive right into slack where my team can seethe relevant text right away • no messy forwarding and opening the emailclient etc.Hope these have been helpful for you If you’re interested in seeing just howproductive a Slack integration can be check out a free trial of Breezy HR tomanage your recruiting process.
Which daily schedule should I follow for preparation for the 2022 SSC CGL, ifI have an 8 to 5 job?
Spend 2 hours on weekdays make full use of weekends. That’s the best plan youcan have.As far as preparation strategy is concerned I recommend this online courseBank Naukris Intensive Program for Cracking the SSC CGL 2022. ChalkStreetThis is perfect for people who have fulltime jobs already. You can prepare atyour pace and place without any compromise on the intensity.
Employee Time and Attendance Software System?
When looking for an Attendance Management Machine it’s always wise to thinkabout the following Employee ease of use support. You don’t have time to be a customer support centre. The tool should be self explanatory. Biometric validation. Buddy punching should be a thing of the past and there are several ways to verify someones clock inout Integrations. Attendance Tracking is only useful if you can have 247 access to the data. Make sure your tool is accessible from Web Phone Tablet etc Analysis Reporting. With the data you should be able to generate Timesheets for payrolljob costing or use individual statistics for performance productivity improvement.We took these factors into account during the development of Jibble.io.However instead of using rigid thumbprint systems or cameras you can useyour iPad as an Attendance Machine.All you will need is an iPad and an internet connection.Its free of use so definitely worth a try.
Who is going to the Quora world meetup in SF Bay Area on June 23, 2018?
Thank you for thinking of me DushkaI must say I sometimes really enjoy the randomness of life. I saw this A2Aand while I wasn’t planning to attend any meetup this period because of a verybusy schedule I still thought “hmm but if I were to find really cheap flighttickets I wouldn’t be able to pass on the opportunity would I”And so I rushed over to some flight search website and not 10 minutes later Ihad bought tickets to Georgia. The country.This happened because in the first few of those 10 minutes I had remembered that my US visa expired last month and I really wouldn’t have the time to get a new one now discovered that the flight to SF would anyway be quite pricey stumbled upon tickets to Georgia this August for• 50What choice did I haveSo I’m really sorry that I have to skip this meetup especially after seeingso many cool people on the attendance list some of whom I’ve been wanting tomeet for ages but at least now I can look forward to exploring a newwonderful country all thanks to this A2A
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